Digitalization of relational space in the service triangle: The case study of retail banking

Anna Carreri1,2*Giorgio Gosetti1 and Nicoletta Masiero3

  • 1Department of Human Sciences, University of Verona, Verona, Italy
  • 2School of Social Sciences, University of Hasselt, Hasselt, Belgium
  • 3Institute of Economic and Social Research (IRES) of Veneto Region, Venice, Italy

The article aims to shed light on the process of shaping the relational space of work in the service triangle through the progressive digitalization of work in retail banking industry. It addresses the following research question: how do technological shifts affect the relationships and interactions (a) between employees and supervisors, and (b) between employees and customers? Through a close examination of the redesign of the interpersonal relationships from the subjective viewpoint of front-line workers across these two levels, the paper contributes to advancing the understanding of the impact of technologies on surveillance practices, work identity and professional ethics in a key working sector with regard to digitalization and changes in professional requirements.

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Anna Carreri, Giorgio Gosetti, Nicoletta Masiero